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2022 OVF Awards Finalists

April 09, 2022 4:04 PM | Ché Loessberg (Administrator)

Congratulations finalists! 

2022 Most Promising New Venture Finalists

Boddle Learning (Tulsa)

Boddle Learning helps teachers and education publishers transform learning content into interactive experiences through a gamified education platform. Boddle improves test scores by boosting student engagement through gameplay and rewards and tailors learning using artificial intelligence. In 12 months, Boddle grew from 50,000 to 1,500,000 registered students (and growing) across all 50 US States, through low cost and organic teacher outreach strategies.

The SnapBack (Norman)

Pregnancy has ample resources and is often a beautiful experience, however postpartum is isolating and does not come with a manual. The average time between delivery and the first postpartum visit is 6 weeks and 40% of women don’t make it there. The SnapBack app provides delivery specific rehab techniques, time released what to expect for the baby/mom, tracking features and an anonymous community forum; it is the only all-in-one, evidence based postpartum resource and community mother’s need. We create tech for the future, we need to create tech for moms who birth the future

2022 Venture of the Year Finalists

MaxQ Research, LLC (Stillwater)

Through proprietary breakthroughs in material sciences and real-time predictive intelligence, MAX-Q is revolutionizing the transportation of life saving temperature-sensitive biologics and blood products, eclipsing existing methods in terms of safety, efficiency, and total value. Trusted by over 800 healthcare and life science organizations globally, MaxQ’s cold chain packaging and compliance automation solutions help predict and prevent product wastage, increase operational efficiency and enhance patient safety.

Medefy Health (Tulsa)

The Medefy app helps everyday people make expert healthcare decisions in under 60 seconds. While 84% of American employees say they struggle to afford care because of the complexities of their company health benefits, health insurance, and healthcare providers, the Medefy platform makes it easy to understand your options, navigate to low-cost, high-quality providers, and get affordable care. Users can use a variety of digital decision tools within the app, as well as in-app text communication with Medefy’s care team – live healthcare experts available 24/7 to help navigate users to care. Launched in 2018 to two employer groups, Medefy now services approx. 1200 employer groups with users in all fifty states.

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