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OVF Podcast Videos

OVF Podcast 77: 4/10/24 Danielle Melton, Founder/CEO of MotherBoard

OVF Podcast 76: 4/10/24 Robert Washington, Founder of ShelterShare

OVF Podcast 75: 4/10/24 Sam DuRegger, Founder of Barista Bot 

OVF Podcast 74: 4/10/24 Pitch Presenter, Logan Evans, CEO of Sugar Security

OVF Podcast 73: 3/13/24 Pitch Presenter: Rachel Brown, CRO of Titan Intake 

OVF Podcast 72: 3/13/24 Pitch Presenter: Bryon Pierson, Jr. CEO of EDUrain 

OVF Podcast 71: 3/13/24 Pitch Presenters: Alex Lobodiak, CRO and Justin Carpenter, CEO of Core Scribe 

OVF Podcast 70: Nathaniel Harding, Managing Partner of Cortado Ventures - The Oklahoma Advantage with SSBCI

OVF Podcast 69: Barry Day, Founder The Oklahoma Clean Technology Association

OVF Podcast 68: October 11th Panelist Tracey Poole, Founder 46Venture Capital - State Small Business Incentive Funding 

OVF Podcast 67: September 13th Pitch Presenter | Charles, Thuo, Apexloads LLC.

OVF Podcast 66: September 13th Main Speaker | Drew Hendricks, National Security Innovation Network (NSIN)

OVF Podcast 65: 2023 OVF Economic Impact Winner: Cattlemen's Congress

OVF Podcast 64: April 12th Pitch Presenter: Kyle Bagley, Founder and CEO of CAREit

OVF Podcast 63: 2023 OVF Awards Keynote Speaker Mike Beckham, CEO of Simple Modern

OVF Podcast 62: April 12th Pitch Presenter: Dr. Pinkey Patel, CEO and Founder of Myri Health

OVF Podcast 61: April 12th Pitch Presenters: Chelsea Luxen, CEO of ParaNano Wound Care

OVF Podcast 60: April 12th Pitch Presenters: Randy Wall, President and Cathey Bowyers, COO of SEE Light, LLC

OVF Podcast 59: Bobby Rockers, CTO of Bison Technologies

OVF Podcast 58: Jenae Goodin, Founder of Big Ass Bag (BaB)

OVF Podcast 57: Anita Ly, Managing Director of gener8tor

OVF Podcast 56: Ryan Skeffington, Founder of Cheers!

OVF Podcast: OVF Power Lunch December 14, 2022 | Protecting Intellectual Property

OVF Podcast 55: Allison Conti, Founder and CEO of Watkins-Conti Products

OVF Podcast 54: Mark Stoddard, Founder of Ezy Tip, Inc

OVF Podcast 53: Mike Orr, Digital Oil and Gas Solutions

OVF Podcast 52: Brent Smith, Firefly Energy Services

OVF Podcast 51: Chris Foster, Bluejay Partners, LLC

OVF Podcast 50: Kris Murray, Emmy Award Winning Entrepreneur; Building and Consolidating Brands

OVF Podcast 49: Justin Wilson, Managing Partner and President of Plains Venture Partners at i2E, Inc;  Venture Capital Investors Panel Part 3.

OVF Podcast 48: Kevin Moore, Partner of Spur Capital Partners; Venture Capital Investors Panel Part 2.

OVF Podcast 47: Aaron Webster, Managing Director of Cameron Ventures; Venture Capital Investors Panel Part 2.

OVF Podcast 46: Katy Boren, CEO of The Innovation District

OVF Podcast 45: Laura Phillips, Director of Connectivity: Investing In The Immersive Art of Factory Obsurca

OVF Podcast 44: Oklahoma Teen Entrepreneurism: Loveworks Leadership and Wristworld Leveling up talented kids

OVF Podcast 43: Nathanial Harding, Managing Partner of Cortado Ventures  What do leading Oklahoma venture funders look for?

OVF Podcast 42: Devon Laney of 36 Degrees North and Luke Simkins of AnnoLab The Third way for Economic Development

OVF Podcast 41:  Rick Nagel, CEO & Managing Partner of Acorn   Adding Value to Investment Deals

OVF Podcast 40: Melissa McLawhorn Houston, Founder of 929 Strategies  Small business legislation in Oklahoma

OVF Podcast 39: Jay Martin, Founder Martin Bionics  Improving Comfort and Lives in Prosthetics

OVF Podcast 38: Daniel Maloney, CEO & Co-Founder of Tailwind World-class Marketing Easy for Everyone

OVF Podcast 37: Tra Pippin, Accentra Home Health and Hospice Buying & Selling a Business

OVF Podcast 36: Tom Robins, Oklahoma Innovative Technology Alliance Drone Technology 

OVF Podcast 35: Stacey Eads, Business Consultant The OODA Loop

OVF Podcast EP34: Lisa Mullen, CEO of Drōv Technologies Autonomous Safety 

OVF Podcast Ep33: Michael Carolina, Executive Director of OCAST  OCAST

OVF Podcast Ep32: David Jankowsky, President of Francis Renewable Energy Recharging Stations

OVF Podcast Ep31: Daniel Mercer, CEO & Co-Founder of COOP Ale Works Multiple Funding Sources

OVF Podcast Ep30: Liz Charles, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Women's Coalition

OVF Podcast Ep29: Donna Miller, CEO of Purse Power

OVF Podcast Ep28: Jeff Price Oklahoma City University VR & eSports

OVF Podcast Ep27: Brent Wheelbarger, Viribus VR Labs

OVF Podcast Ep26: Matt Williamson, Clevyr

OVF Podcast Ep25: Dr Nilesh Vasan, WorkOur

OVF Podcast Ep24: Oklahoma Entrepreneur Mentoring Program with Douglas Sorocco & Craig Shimasaki

OVF Podcast Ep23: Trang Nguyen, Pharm.D of Mimosa Health

OVF Podcast Ep22: Rob Reynolds, Executive Director of TEL Library

OVF Podcast Ep 21: Kitt Letcher, President & CEO of Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma

OVF Podcast Ep19: Philip Kurtz, CEO - CareATC

OVF Podcast Ep18: WristWorld AR puzzle RPG designed by middle school students

OVF Podcast Ep17: Craig Watters - Global Social Entrepreneurship Institute at OSU

OVF Podcast Ep16: Ben Schwarz with Goggle Auctions

OVF Podcast Ep15: Piyush Patel, keynote speaker for the OVF Chairman's Award for Economic Impact

OVF Podcast Ep14: Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell

OVF Podcast Ep13: Brian Byrnes OKC Thunder / Thunder Launchpad

OVF Podcast Ep12: Leo Clark, Founder of Paelode

OVF Podcast Ep11: Todd Blasdel of Devon Energy



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