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December Pitch Presenter: Mark Stoddard of EzyTip, Inc.

November 22, 2022 6:23 PM | Anonymous

Mark Stoddard
Founder & CEO, EzyTip, Inc.

EzyTip, Inc. a Delaware Corp, is a Veteran-owned, Tulsa, OK based, pre-seed, startup Fintech B2B2C subscription payment processing business to the $2B combined U.S. Market tipped worker industries of Music, Entertainment, Restaurant, Hospitality, Nightclub/Bar, and Gambling.

The company fixes the problems of the broken cash tip jar and nightly cash tip-out, MAKING IT EASY for all tipped workers to earn and keep more tips, significantly improving their lives.

These problems are fixed by using three BaaS providers to process tips and deposit them same day into our customers bank accounts from more than 10 digital payment methods through our main product of customer tip webpages (Not an APP), and by providing a digital tip out product, a robust one-stop-shop music promotion service, and by educating our customers to proactively seek more tips using our printed QR code products that significantly increase tipping opportunity and ability for a differentiated, maximum value set of services and low fees NOT found with the competition.

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